February is nearly over, and our hopes improve for spring and its warmer temps and longer days.

But it’s not over yet. B

Before we all kick winter completely to the curb (at least in our wine glasses), let’s celebrate with something so delicious it’ll rekindle your love of the cold.

I’m talking about ice wine.

It’s made from clusters that have been left on the vine to ripen (increasing their sugar content) until the temps drop low enough for them to freeze. At this point there isn’t much of a cluster left; in fact, ice wine is eeked out of whatever berries are still viable at this time. But those berries are loaded with sugar and intensity, like raisins but sweet.

Through the art and craft of a winemaker, their nectar is coaxed out of them and made into some of the most sublime dessert wines in the world.

One of the best is Inniskillin’s Ice Wine made from Vidal grapes. A Niagara Peninsula winery, Inniskillin’s consistently mind-blowing ice wine is a deep yellow color with notes of mango, peach, and honey.

Serve it icy cold but not over ice, and enjoy every drop.

Oh, and it’s International Polar Bear Day on Saturday, February 27, so make a donation to save their habitat while you’re thinking happy thoughts about ice.


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Photo courtesy of Inniskillin Wines Facebook page