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Reflections on a Summer Bod

By Published On: June 10th, 2020

As I was getting ready fur the day this morning, plucking my whiskers and grooming myself to be presentable enough for my mother’s persistent photo shoots, I was shocked to find an abundance of extra fluff staring back at me in the mirror.

I am keenly aware that summer’s official commencement is only a few weeks away. Like most humans, I had the purrest of intentions this past winter of having and maintaining the purrfect summer body.

Now, considering this morning’s portly discovery, I’m not sure if that goal can be achieved this year – and it’s all due to my quarantine cravings and catnaps over the last two months.

My purrents are doing their best to encourage me to exercise.

They are digging out toys furrom under the couch that I haven’t seen in months! [In fact I don’t even recall putting them there – could it be my little sister was playing with my toys?!]

They’ve even gone as far as bringing back that dastardly red orb that seems to constantly elude me. I thought I caught that little red dot already?!

Any suggestions furrnatics? Is there a kitten Keto diet? A Mediterranean Meow Mix?

Kitty pool season is almost here!