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Safety Furrst

By Published On: July 15th, 2020

Nearly evfurryday, the mailman shows up on our doorstep like clockwork and leaves behind a variety of undisclosed treasures (you guessed it; my mother is a contributing member of something called Amazon Prime). Yesterday it was a gigantic box, which admittedly, made me  supurr excited.

Like a kid on Christmas morning (purrpobably because she furrgot what she ordered) my mom came home furrom work and ripped open the box, pulled out a car seat, inspected it furrom top to bottom, and then neatly placed it off to the side fur my father to install this contraption when he has built up enough courage. You see, my kid sister goes “buhh-bye” in the “vroom vroom” more often than I do (thankfully). Because of this, my dad needed a special seat fur his truck.

After a rousing bit of purretend time in the box, I decided to check out this car seat for myself…in case mother might have ovfurr looked something – and hey, if it fits, I sits!

So I took it fur a little test drive myself — minus the driving part of course. It has great safety features, like extra padding fur cat napping and two bowl looking pockets on either side. I purrsume they are used for pawty-mix and turkey?

Anyway, I think Ellie is ready to hit the road…better her than me!