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She Loves Me

By Published On: February 16th, 2022

I always love updating you all, but I’m going to keep this week’s post short and sweet. 

Nevfurr have I evfurr understood the point of Valentine’s Day. Shouldn’t you show your love all 365 days of the year? Mom has mastered this concept. She’s constantly telling everyone how much she loves us a million times a day. Reminds Ellie she’s her little best furriend, let’s Dad hog the TV remote, and always compliments me on how handsome my pants are. 

Mom deserves this kind of love in return. Fur Valentine’s day I took it upon myself to go the extra mile, foregoing my usual pre-bedtime catnap fur a pre-bedtime snuggle sesh on the couch. This is a rare occasion so I know Mom was surrprised. Mom’s favorite past time is singing, so I decided to serenade her with purretty purrs. In typical Mom fashion, she has photo purroof of how purrfect I made her evening. 

I love you, Mom.