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Showing Off

By Published On: March 3rd, 2021

So apparently there is another so called trend making the rounds on social media again. This #bellychallenge, has been going around Facebook and seems to be right up my alley. Yet, surpurrisingly, Mom hasn’t entered me.

Not sure what the hold up is. I’m purretty confident I’d win this challenge, paws down!

Okay – so it might not be a belly that’s ready fur summer, but I still have some time before its officially window sitting season (all you indoor kitty’s know what I’m talking about). At least my belly is cute, supurr soft, and full of turkey. Just please resist the urge to pet it. I don’t really like that too much. Under the chin and behind the ears are the sweet spots thank you.

I think I’d do well in other contests too. Such as the #prettyeyeschallenge fur example. I think my eyes are one of my best attributes.

#meetmypetchallenge …I’m purrtetty purrsonable (when I want to be).

The #findmycatchallenge would be another great one. I’m great at hiding from Ellie! How do I know this? Because she’s always saying “Ottie, where are youuuuu??”

Are there any other challenges you guys think Mom should enter me in?

Or purrhaps I could start my own challenge?