I went looking for a simple, affordable wine that would give me a good vibe and also (hopefully) some good flavor.

I went with farmhouse (lower case intentional). For less than $12, this California red has a lovely label with a block-print design of a farmhouse stamped against a brown-paper background the the words, “trust in nature, trust in yourself” on the front. It turns out that the structure pictured is an old schoolhouse on Green String Farm in Petaluma that serves students seeking to learn about Green String sustainable farming. Cool!

The message is wonderful, and I’m glad to say the wine is quite good, too. It’s a no-nonsense dry red with lots of berry notes complemented with a crispness and hint of spice that balance the wine. It’s a perfect mid-week, all-is-well wine that could pair with anything from nachos to stew to a ham sandwich.

Simple, affordable, with goodness to spare all around.

Learn more at farmhousecaliforniawines.com.