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Slumber Pawty

By Published On: August 24th, 2022

Cat had my tongue all week as I was sworn to secrecy. Mom and Dad have a big surprise fur Ellie this Furriday; her very furrst sleepover with her three cousins! Dad and I will be outnumbered fur the night but I’m more worried about how Mom is going to handle the commotion of four little girls running through her purffectly clean house. I furresee baby dolls, Barbie’s, beads, and purretend makeup ovfurr taking the main floor. Downstairs in the playroom I’m thinking the kitchen set will get a lot of use. I wonder who will be the better cook?

Mom’s purposed schedule is as follows: pizza pawty fur dinner, followed by play time, then a quick change into paw-jama’s with a purrincess movie and popcorn befurr bed. I’ve already secured my special paw-print blanket fur the movie. I’m really hoping the girls agree to watch Tangled – I can totally relate to Rapunzel. We both have long hair and are locked in our homes; furrbidden to date or see the outside world. Wait a second – maybe Disney made this movie based off of my life?!

As for the sleeping situation…I usually bunk in Ellie’s room most of the night, but with four girls, I’m not sure how much shut-eye I’ll actually get. I’ll opt to snuggle with Dad instead. Us guys have to stick together!