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Snow Day 

By Published On: March 15th, 2023

Evfurryone else is talking about the weather and how much snow we got, so I might as well chime in. Evfurryone seems to be up in arms about all the snow old man winter brought us. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it’s still winter furriends. I’d say we have a good 16 inches here at the homestead. I’m furrevfurr grateful to be an indoor kitty, especially during times like these. I would get lost out there. One, because I’d blend right in. And two, because the snow is piled taller than me!

I’m supurr thankful we didn’t lose power like so many of our family and furriends did. The only obstacle we faced was that Dad had to do a bunch of hand shoveling because our snowblower decided it was the purrfect time to break. I guess that just means he got his exercise in fur the day. Other than that it was fun getting snowed in! Mom did her best to conduct business furrom home – Main Street Magazine deadlines don’t stop fur mother nature! As a family, we made oatmeal cookies, played board games, colored, and watched a purrincess movie. I was also able to sneak in some bird watching in between snowflakes.

I’m dying to hear how you all spent your snow day. But before you do, let me remind you to wear your green on Furriday!