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Snowed In Fur Days

By Published On: February 3rd, 2021

Thanks to the latest Nor’easter, Mom and Ellie were home with me for two whole days this week! I definitely fell behind on my usual catnapping quota, but on the other paw, it was kind of nice having some extra company at home – which also meant extra turkey and treats!

Mom spent most of the time reorganizing Ellie’s toys. I don’t think it worked out too well fur her because Ellie was constantly taking things out as Mom was putting them away, wanting to play with each and every single one.

It’s the thought that counts I guess. As long as Ellie (and Mom fur that matter) keep their paws off my toys.

We also spent a lot of time reading books and singing nursery rhymes. Mom read us a story furrom when she was a kitten. Something about Mickey Mouse and a Lucky Goose.

(Side bar; kind of ironic because Mom calls Ellie her Little Goose.)


What is your favfurrite nursery rhyme?

Any good cat ones I should know about?