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So Long Summer

By Published On: September 16th, 2020

The realization that summer has come to its ultimate end has hit home for yours truly.

As with each season in our neck of the woods, these changes bring with them their own purro’s and cons.

Here are a few from my feline perspective:

Cons (because I’m a natural pessimist) : The birdies are flocking to their winter destination, meaning there will soon be significantly less chattering with my feathered furriends. The air conditioning has been turned off fur the season, but here at home, my family and I are stuck in that confusing time when the heat has yet to be turned on and my luscious winter coat is still not ready. In short — I’m chilly!

Window sitting season is also ovfurr. This of course makes me sad because I love basking in the sun and watching the carpenter bees do their thing to the house – even though my dad can’t stand them…weird because he’s a carpenter so you’d think he’d appurreciate their hard work?

Purro’s: Instead of birdies to mingle with, I get to watch the squirrels go squirrely as they harvest their nuts befur winter. To compensate for the heat not being on, I find myself constantly being covfurred up in blankies, which is my favfurrite way to catnap! And with window sitting season ovfurr, I know we are one step closer to putting the Christmas tree up and waiting furr Santa Paws!

As my Mother says constantly no matter what time of the year it is —Let the Christmas countdown begin!