The Otis Feed

Sour Then Sweet

By Published On: May 18th, 2022

Evfurryone is entitled to their feelings, right? At least thats what Nana has always said. To put it into purrospective fur you humans, I tend to be like those Sour Patch candies at times. Furrst I’m sour, then I’m sweet. But allow me explain the reasoning behind my most recent cattitude.

Did you guys see the video Mom shared on Main Street Magazine’s social media last night? Who am I kitten – of course you did. In addition to Mom antagonizing me while trying to mind my own business, kneading my pitty-paws, I was rather annoyed that I had been left alone fur a few days. Despite my effurrts hopping in the suitcase while Mom was packing fur the families little getaway, I was told I wasn’t allowed to join; follow by a kiss on the furrehead as if that would make up fur hurting my feelings.

Even though evfurryone had been home fur 24 hours at this point, the feelings were still very real. Espeically with Ellie showing off all the seashells she had collected on vacation. Sure they are cool, but I got sand up my nose furrom sniffing them. Due to my sour mood, when Mom initiated a little playtime, I took full advantage. And she has teeth marks on her hand to purrove it.

After all was said and done, I felt sorry fur biting Mom, sticking my tongue out at her, and whacking her with my paws. My sweet side had suddenly taken over. The only way I knew to make it up to Mom was a little bedtime snuggling and sing her to sleep with sweet purrs.

I hope she accepted my apology.