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Spilling The Tea

By Published On: August 29th, 2023

Before you assume – no, I don’t have any juicy gossip fur you. But while I’m sipping on my pretend princess tea, I thought I’d fill you in on Mom’s health. Going back to 2018, only a few days after Ellie was born, Mom had a gallbladder attack. She was scheduled to have surgery soon after, but opted to cancel her surgery because she was feeling better and knew she wouldn’t be able to hold her (then) newborn, and of course, me! Jumping forward to four weeks ago, Mom suffered yet again another gallbladder attack.

Mom describes it as an instant stabbing pain and says it’s hard to catch her breath. Ouch!! After lots of blood work and testing, Mom is scheduled to have her gallbladder removed tomorrow. She is supurr nervous, but is looking forward to feeling better. Ellie plans on bringing Mom lots of water to make sure she stays hydrated. Oh, and kisses too! Kisses make evfurrything feel better! Dad is going to juggle work, taking care of Mom, feeding me, and evfurrything in between. The only thing I’m worried about is how well Dad will do keeping up with housework and laundry. Let’s just say that’s not where his skills lie. As fur me, well, as purr the doctors orders I’m sure Mom will be resting a lot the furrist few days. I plan on snuggling right next to her. What medicine could be better than my positive vibes, AKA, purring?

I’ll update you all next week on Mom’s health, but in the meantime, does anyone know if cats have gallbladders? Not sure if this a heredity thing I should be worried about? Asking fur a furriend.