We all have so much unexpected time on our hands right now – so let the Spring-Cleaning begin!

Here are a few ideas for you to keep in mind as your attempt to scale the mountain of  your winter belongings:

– When cleaning out your kitchen cabinets, I’m sure you’ll stumble upon some canned goods you will never end up eating yourself. If they of course are still in-date, consider donating them to your local food pantry – especially during this difficult time.

– If you’re like me, you probably have clothes stacked up in your closet that you don’t wear anymore, or, (though we hate to admit it) might even still have tags on them! There are so many folks out there that could use that t-shirt that is “so 2010”. Why not finally donate them? Besides, it’ll give you more room to walk, into your walk-in closet.

– Dust collects everywhere, no matter how much of a neat freak (like myself) you are. It is embarrassing for me to glance at the top of my curtains. Now is the perfect time to wash them, hang them out to dry, and clean the windows


– I spend so much time trying to get the perfect photo of my daughter (and cat) on my phone that I no doubt have 25 replicas of each photo I take. It’s time to delete those not-so perfect photos from your phone, and free up some space. And hey – it’s fun looking at those memories while you’re making space for some new ones!

– Rearranging furniture is always fun too. Suddenly your living room feels like a whole new room in the house! Or adding a new piece of art work just might make the room come together.

That’s it for now, stay as busy as you can! (for the compulsive cleaners like myself this shouldn’t be too difficult)

– Oh, and don’t forget to decorate for Easter!!