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Spurring Cleaning: Plot Twist

By Published On: March 23rd, 2022

Mom has a real OCD purroblem; no, I’m not talking about the obvious obsessive cat disorder. Our house literally looks like no one lives here because Mom is such a neat furreak. She enforces a strict household rule that when you’re done with something, put to back where it belongs, or else it runs the risk of being picked up and potentially thrown out.

This past Sunday Mom decided the house needed a good Spurring cleaning. Well, cleaning turned into a major Spurring purging. In addition to her OCD, Mom has a motto she lives by, “less is more.” She takes this very seriously!

I checked on Mom a few times, but fur the most part did my best to stay clear of her cleaning warpath. Before long, a large donation pile of stuff had accumulated in the kitchen. Things that were no longer welcome in our home. A handful of blankets that never get used, some of Dad’s tattered work clothes that are now better off as work rags, some nick-nacks that “do nothing but collect dust”, board games that haven’t seen the light of day in more than five years, a shelving unit that nevfurr fit Mom’s décor, and other useless items Mom can’t stand hanging onto anymore. Mom and Dad had quite the DVD collection, but due to the increasingly digital world we live in, only a few DVD’s were saved. Purrhaps her biggest purge was what once once her most purrized possession – her CD collection. I’m talking hundreds of CD’s. I’m just as shocked as you are because music is Mom’s furrst love. What once took up a portion of the spare bedroom’s closet now lives in Mom’s phone fur her to enjoy wherevfurr she goes.

Now the house is spick-and-span….that is until I start shedding my winter coat. Then there will be fur-ball tumble weeds. Talk about a Spurring cleaning plot twist!