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Spurring Vibes

By Published On: April 5th, 2023

Hey furriends, how are we all doing? Aside furrom Sunday’s temperatures, which were brutally cold and supurr windy, spurring is in the air! You know how I know? On Caturday – pardon me – on Saturday, Mom went to town on cleaning. The music was crankin’ (any guesses who she was rocking out to?), the windows were wide open, the laundry was going, and I was a huge help to her fur it all.

In true Mom form, she is very purrticular in the order that she cleans. Furrst she dusts. I followed Mom room to room, making sure she didn’t miss anything – good news, she didn’t. Next comes the Windexing. I hate hearing the spray of the bottle. It resembles the sound of the water bottle Dad spurrays me with in the middle of the night if I meow too much. Once Mom completes cleaning a mirror, I admire my good looks. Mom’s right, I really am a handsome pants.

Next on the list is vacuuming. As soon as Mom fired up the Shark, I ran in the opposite direction – mainly because I’m afurraid of it, but also because Mom was on a roll sucking up any dirt and fur balls in her path. Since the windows were wide open, Mom opted to wash the windows, and vacuum the window sills to make sure they are purrfectly clean fur window-sitting season. She’s so thoughtful – always thinking of me even when she’s cleaning.

Next on the cleaning list is mopping. I was supurr careful not to walk on the furreshly mopped flowers. God fur bid I leave a trail of paw purrints. I have no idea how Mom would have cleaned the house without me.

Phew, just thinking about all the cleaning we did makes me tired. Time fur a cat-nap! See you next week furriends.