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Staying Cactive

By Published On: August 25th, 2020

It’s been a tough transition –trying to become more cactive, but I’m doing my best. Of course, I’m still purracticing yoga, purrpoper back stretches, and running up and down the stair master, but I’ve been also playing with some of my old toys again.

Big surpurrise: my catnip mousy is still my favfurrite!

This past week I’ve tried adopting my kid sister’s appurroach and take more interest in the simpler things —like cardboard boxes for instance— versus playing with the more commercial options.

I figure if it’s keeping her young, it can’t hurt to try.

Side note, hair ties are actually way more fun than they might first appear. They glide smoothly across the floor and snap when you bite them and let go.

And don’t get me started on Q-tips. Holy fun! Who knew a little white stick could make you so frisky?!

Tried unrolling some toilet paper the other day, got in trouble fur that. Apparently it’s like gold these days and only to be used strictly fur human liter box duties!

The only time I get to play with something remotely close to it, is when the roll is empty.