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Summer In Octopurr

By Published On: October 4th, 2023

When I think of Octopurr I usually think of watching leaves changes colors and fall to the ground, tempurratures giving the air a chill, snuggling up with a good blankie, and blankly staring at Mom’s pumpkin decor. But here we are; Octopurr 4, 2023 and temps have been unseasonably warm this week. In fact, we’re expected to reach ovfurr eighty degrees today! Is this what is considered an Indian Summer? Surprisingly enough these unexpected temps are leaving many of us confused.

Fur example, I was right in the middle of growing in my winter coat but I pumped the brakes on that. It’s too hot to be wearing winter attire right meow. Mom had reluctantly tucked away her flip flops until spurring, but happily dug them out to show off her painted piggies fur a few more days. (BTW, in case you were loosing sleep ovfurr the outcome of Mom’s fuzzy flops – they were comfy but definitely not cute enough fur Mom to confidently wear. Consequently she returned them.) Dad hung up his work hoodies in exchange fur some sunblock – who knew you could work on your tan in Octopurr? Ellie was thrilled to ditch her long sleeves and leggings fur purrincess t-shirts and furrilly skirts.

Now let’s not furrget about the bugs. The bees have been buzzing around, the birds are singing, the mosquitoes are biting, and this purretty butterfly was trying to play a little game of catch me if you can. She would flap her wings and I’d try to paw at her. Only purroblem was the glass in between us. Oh well, it’s good purractice fur next summer.