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Summer is…here?

By Published On: June 23rd, 2021

I thought summer was here?

Monday I was all sprawled out, basking in the windowsill sun. Tuesday it rained cats and dogs (pun intended), and this morning was just plan furreezing cold!

Mom has been brushing me almost evfurry night, which feels great! But this leaves me with even less fur to keep yours truly warm. I guess I can’t blame her, who would have thought it would be a high of 55 degrees in the middle of June.

Consequently, since the heat has been turned off, and I am left to fend fur myself during the day. Since Mom hasn’t raised a fool, this morning, instead of moving while she was making the bed, I opted to have her work around me so I could be tucked in.

How are you humans weathering these unexpected temps?

I purresume your winter clothes are stowed away and have been replaced by shorts and tank tops. Winter jackets are buried behind beach towels, toys, and the like, and you’ve traded in your winter galoshes fur some flip flops.

Lets just hope window sitting season resumes ASAP fur all of us.