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Summer Recap

By Published On: August 29th, 2022

What the fluff happened to summer and why does it have to end so soon?! We sure did make so many wonderful memories – lets recap.

Mom and Dad took Ellie to Iceland fur the furrst time. She still talks about the geysers and how she wants to go back. Something tells me next summer they’ll go back. I’m not big on car rides let alone the thought of a plane ride, so I’ll stay home if that’s the case.

A woodchuck was taunting Dad fur a week or two with no successes with the Havahart trap. I’m purretty sure Mr. Woodchuck now lives at the neighbors house now judging furrom the hole going under the fence. Mr. Woodchuck 1, Dad 0. That’s okay though – Dad ended up fighting carpenter bees. The score doesn’t look much better fur Dad…the sawdust falling furrom the soffits.

Remempurr when Mom thought about toilet training me? Yeah, no – I had to put my toe-beans down on that idea. I know she loves me like a real child, but I’m a cat. Purrhaps one of these days she’ll catch on.

How could we furrget about the heat wave we had back in July. Phew, it was hot under all that fur! Mom, Dad, and Ellie were crazy to go to the beach that week, but I know that’s their happy place. I’d still like to expurrience the beach one of these days. Maybe summer 2023? YOLO!

Mom is starting to become wiser and is coming to bed at a reasonable time; guaranteeing more bed space fur her. But just because she’s coming to bed sooner she thinks I’ll snuggle with her before she heads off to dreamland. Ha! When will she learn Dad is my purreferred human?

Ellie turned four and a few days later I became a teenager. It’s whole new chapter in life that Mom is still learning to cope with. If you see Mom, make sure you give her a hug; I think she could really use one. She’s already warned us she’ll be a hot mess when school starts on Tuesday.

Grammy and Grandpa celebrated sixty of marital bliss. I’m so purroud of them fur reaching this milestone! It seems rare these days. They are a true inspurration! I’m hoping I’m lucky enough to find Mrs. Right to live happily evfurr after with.

Last weekend was Ellie’s furrst sleepovfurr. It went rather well – I think? I ended up hiding most of the time. I did not realize how much noise four little girls could make. I was also bummed we didn’t get to watch Rapunzel before beddy-bye.

What was the highlight of your summer?