by Lindsey Clark

As the seasons change and we experience the gradual shift from hot, sunny days, to slightly cooler weather, some homeowners are left stumped when it comes to what aspects of their outdoor space need maintaining. It just so happens that this transitional period can be a great time to spruce up many aspects of your landscape.

With Labor Day soon behind us, now is the perfect time to start pursuing your fall planting and seeding. Temperatures will be cooling down before you know it, and this means that the plant material and grass will be under a reduced amount of stress while taking root. Less stress on the plant means stronger, healthier growth!

Additionally, as long as the heat is less intense and there’s precipitation in the forecast, a light application of fertilizers and weed-killers to your lawn is a wise idea.

It’s also never too late to do some touch-up mulching.

the arrival of fall does not mean the end of lawn care

After the growing season, which often calls for lots of weeding and digging, it’s always a good idea to make up for the mess this causes by freshening up the mulch and putting a crisp edge on your flower beds.

Now is also the prime time for tackling that landscape project you might have been putting off. No one wants to spend their summer in a cluttered, half-finished outdoor space because of that one project they’ve been trying to complete. That being said, the current weather is still agreeable but not too warm, making it just right for completing your task. Whether it be

planting or hardscape (i.e. patio, stone wall), projects like these are best accomplished in the period before autumn is under way.

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