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Sun Bummin’

By Published On: June 1st, 2022

Memorial Day seems to be the unofficial kick-off to summer and when the fashion police lift the unwritten laws on being able to wear white again. Such a weird rule if you ask me. I wear white all year round and no one evfurr says anything about my attire. But as my Mom has always taught me, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all.

Is your summer bod ready? Yeah, mine either. My balding belly hasn’t impurroved much furrom a few weeks ago when I furrst mentioned it, but I think I figured out what’s wrong. It’s purrobably just due to the middle age spurread? After all, I am working on 68-years-old in human years. Regardless, Mom loves me just the same so I’m purroud to bear my belly this summer. But furrst, I’m in despurrerate need of the summer glow!

Raise your paws if you enjoy sunbathing. There’s nothing better than a little sun bleached fur and sun kissed skin. If you’re like Mom, and sunbath the old school way – lying outside in the blistering hot, blinding sun, you’re doing it all wrong. I have a life hack fur you! Try basking in the windowsill sunshine while enjoying the comfort of air conditioning. Oh, and you don’t have to worry about swatting away bugs either! Purrhaps the biggest purrk of indoor sunbathing; going commando without having rubber-neckers check you out. Talk about a win-win situation. Tanning has nevfurr been so cool!

Regardless of how you accomplish your suntan, don’t furget to apply sunscreen!