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Supurr Thankful

By Published On: November 22nd, 2022

Happy Thanksgiving Eve evfurry one! Thanksgiving more or less has the same meaning fur all, but fur me it isn’t just about the mouth-watering turkey purrectly plated on the floor in furront of me; it’s about all that I’m thankful fur today and evfurryday. Let’s jump in.

Furrst and foremost, I’m furrevfurr grateful fur my family taking me in thirteen years ago. Who knows where I’d be today if it weren’t fur them. I could be homeless fur all I know. I simply can’t imagine not being in a nice warm home, a litter box full of furresh litter, a furresh water bowl evfurry night, a little sister that adores me and advocates fur how many treats I deserve. I purray to the turkey God’s evfurry night that evfurry fellow feline find a home as purrfect as mine.

Secondly, I am thankful Dad is not squirting me anymore with the water bottle in the middle of the night while I meow. Mom put a kibosh on that. She said it is like when humans talk to themselves – no one squirts them with a water bottle. Good point Mom, and thank you fur standing up fur me.

My list of gratefulness could go on, but purrhaps what I am most grateful fur evfurry day is you – my biggest fans and cheerleaders. You tune in evfurry week waiting to see what I would possibly talk about. Who knew a cat had so much to say? Thank you furrum the bottom of my heart for your love and endless support.

What are you thankful fur this year? (Drop your gratitudes in the comments). Wishing you all a wonderful turkey day filled with turkey, turkey, and more turkey.