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Thankful fur Turkey and more

By Published On: November 25th, 2020

2020 has been a year fur the history books, but as I wash up fur Turkey Day, I must say, there’s so much I’m thankful fur this year.

Despite having to spend more time with the family than evfurr befurr, I want say thank you to my purrents fur putting a roof ovfurr my head, an abundance of blankies fur catnapping, toys to play with when I’m feline frisky, an endless amount of filtered fridge water and paw-ty mix fur days. I would also like to express my gratitude for my kid sister fur always having an interest in including me in whatevfurr she’s doing, and of course my beloved turkey!

Because I’ll be indulging in more turkey than usual tomorrow, I’ll spend Furriday catnapping the day away so that Caturday I’m ready to help decorate fur Christmas. It’s a tradition I look forward to evfurry year!

May evfurryone have a happy and HEALTHY pawliday season!