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By Published On: November 22nd, 2023

Happy Turkey Day Eve furriends! Tomorrow is my most favfurrite day of the entire year. Thanksgiving. But before we can sit down to enjoy a nice feast, Mom is making sure evfurrything in the house is purrfect – down to evfurry last detail that no one will even notice. Hey Ma! Did you wash the curtains? You nevfurr know who might sniff them to see if they are furreshly washed or not. Just kitten, Mom.

As we sit down to enjoy this delicacy that’s carefully drizzled in gravy, I want to let you all know what I am thankful for this year. I am thankful to have a roof ovfurr my head, to be living my best indoor kitty life with a couch and human beds to sleep on, and to have more blankies than I can count to snuggle up with. I’m thankful for Dad waking up early with me evfurry morning, fur feeding me, and for not letting Mom get another fur baby. I’m thankful fur my kid sister and her wanting to include me in everything. Her developing cat-mom voice is also pretty cute. I’m also thankful fur her willingness to feed me treats at any time. Of course I’m thankful fur Mom, her undying love fur me, and fur convincing Dad to put the Christmas tree up early. (That’s a story fur next week.)

I’m also thankful fur all of you and the support you show me evfurry week. Wishing you all a wonderful Turkey Day and a happy, healthy holiday season ahead.