Art Omi in Ghent personifies Hudson Valley Art.

There are few things as wonderfully experienced as when two seemingly unrelated aspects of our world come together to form a unique marriage that leaves us both curious as to its inception, and overcome by its sublime success. Such is the case with art and the environment, or rather, art’s implementation into our environment. In Ghent NY, located on three hundred acres of pastoral Hudson Valley landscape, Art Omi has presented our area with this visual marriage made in heaven in a way that makes the non-profit organization one of the most alluring, visually stunning locales in the entire region. With its mission of inspiring compassion through celebrating diversity in the arts and raising the collective awareness for the creative voices from artists all over the world, Art Omi has become an installation unto itself. Described as something of a sanctuary for both artists as well as visitors of the public, the idyllic property has fully embraced the sublime power of art in nature, making each installation one comes across while walking the various well-maintained trails a truly transformative experience. Between its 120 acre Sculpture and Architecture parks and its highly modernized and sleekly designed gallery, Art Omi has successfully achieved a singular experience not only for the enthusiast, but for the everyday explorer as well. To expand on its already formidable impact on the local artistic community and beyond, Art Omi also offers residency programs to artists of all genres and creeds, from international artists, to writers and dancers.

Altelier Van Lieshout’s Blast Furnace

Art Omi’s seamless mixture of stark, eye-catching sculpture art and the softness of the rural aesthetic of our area was on full display when in May, Atelier Van Lieshout’s Blast Furnace was opened and presented on the grounds. Blast Furnace is aptly described as a 40-foot-tall “maze-like structure comprised of pipes, conveyor elevators, staircases, and mezzanines.” Disorientingly fascinating in size and structure, Blast Furnace may seem purely industrial, yet dotted throughout its unorthodox design are classic domestic features like a kitchen and toilet. Exhibitions like Blast Furnace have helped to make Art Omi a fully collaborative effort that not only achieves art with a purpose, but has successfully nestled itself into the uniquely distinct heart of our area, a sublime marriage deserving of a visit from anyone looking for the quintessential rural escape.

Art Omi Sculpture and Architecture Park is open daily from dawn until dusk and admission is free. For more information on upcoming events or to plan your visit go to or check out Art Omi on Facebook to see their ever-growing calendar of events.