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The Baby of the House

By Published On: April 14th, 2021

Ellie is supurr into her baby dolls lately. She holds, hugs, kisses and tells them, “don’t cry. It’s ok, I’ll help you.” When she lays them down to go night night, she even says “sweet dreams”!

It’s actually quite cute how she looks after them.

I would purresume she gets these fantastic motherly qualities furrom Mom – because let’s be real. Mom has done the same thing for me since the day she brought me home, and even at 11 years old, still treats me like her baby.

While we’re on the baby topic, I’m sure Ellie will always be Mom’s “baby”, but I want to make it known that I am (and always will be) the baby of the house!

Let’s not furrget I am the furrst born. Mom is always doting ovfurr me, making sure I’m comfortable. She always reminding me to use my manors when asking fur turkey.

“Otis Joe, say please!”


“That’s a good man, handsome pants!”

When closing the refurrigerator door, she always tells me to “watch your nose and your toes!”

Oh, and she sings me lullabies and she kisses me ALL the time. Could it be that I am not only the baby of the house, but I am the favfurrorite child, too?!

Don’t tell Ellie!