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The Battle of Bedtime

By Published On: November 18th, 2020

Ellie has made huge strides when it comes to her sleep patterns -knock on wood- thanks to Mom.

Honestly, over the last few weeks, she’s been a saint!

This means I get to spend more quality time with my purrents watching the boob-tube before beddy-bye.

Though, I am beginning to wonder if sleep regression is contagious. Recently, before bed, Dad has started whispering something rather odd into my ear.

“Set an alarm for 6AM – NOT 1AM.” Like I’m Siri or something. What The Fur-ball?!

Um, Dad, in case you furrgot, I’m a cat, and cats are known to be nocturnal. Hence why your sweet nothings aren’t working.

I have begun to meow fur breakfast a bit earlier in the morning hours only to be greeted with a stern squirt from the water bottle and told,

“OTIS JOE! SHUSH!” – How rude!

Maybe I’m not looking fur breakfast at 1AM, but a little midnight snack?

And to quote my Great Grandfather, “If I’m up, evfurryone is up!”