Lakeville Community Group Organizes its latest 
Neighborhood Initiative – the Belgo Tag Sale.

On June 3rd, +12 families will hold simultaneous tag sales
 at multiple houses on Belgo Road.

Lakeville, CT – May __, 2023. The Duchy of Belgo, a community group of neighbors living on and near Belgo Road in Lakeville, CT, today announced a multi-family, community tag sale. More than 12 families plan to hold tag sales at multiple houses along Belgo Road. An extensive inventory of high quality antiques, rugs, sports equipment, garden tools, children’s items and household goods will be sold. Of particular interest to shoppers will be crystal, china, antique sewing machines, new and vintage clothing, and original art. The Belgo Tag Sale will take place on one day only – Saturday, June 3rd from 9 AM to 3 PM.

In the years before the pandemic, a strong community bond developed among the neighbors on (and near) Belgo Road. Robin and David Singer began hosting annual Fourth of July, open-house parties where neighbors met and friendships budded. Soon, Jimmy Ayoub started referring to the residents as “Belgonians” and Mary De Pasquale named the community, “The Duchy of Belgo.” The names stuck and a special community blossomed.

The Duchy of Belgo which includes neighbors on Covered Bridge, Indian Orchard, Lawson, Ore Mine and Reservoir roads expanded to more than 100 Belgonians during the pandemic. To build on the growing sense of community and to help counter feelings of isolation, Abby and Michael Auerbach hosted weekly Zoom cocktail parties where Belgonians gathered to share stories, worries, and a few laughs.

As residents ventured out of their homes for exercise on the Belgo hills, word spread of the vibrant community group and inspired neighbors to get involved. Cyprian Sadlon, Robin Dishner and Sarah Morrison collected trash along their walking routes – they even invested in grabbers and giant trash bags to help keep The Duchy beautiful for all. Hannah Singer started an outdoor, pop-up sourdough bakery, David Singer hosted a weekly ping pong game on his driveway and Sharon Charde and Carol Sadlon organized a block party on Reservoir Road.

Using their “Country Contacts” list, Belgonians shared community news regularly. Neighbors generously came to each other’s aid when the power or wifi went out and they kept tabs on each other when someone caught COVID-19. They shared homegrown fruits and vegetables, sent alerts about visiting bears, lost dogs, and ride shares, and they joined together for outdoor dinners, guitar jam sessions and backyard bonfires. New friendships were forged and deepened throughout The Duchy.

Along the way, the Belgonians demonstrated a strong commitment to their community. They banded together to have the Belgo Road speed limit reduced, pitched in to fund trees for the new Millerton Park and, on June 3rd, they’ll host The Duchy’s first Belgo Tag Sale – a brainchild of Kate Hinkle.

Along with Kate, a tag sale committee including Abby Auerbach, Carl Culbreth and Carol Sadlon are organizing the event. In addition to inspiring spring cleaning, the Belgo Tag Sale is seen by the Belgonians as a community-wide event with sellers, buddies and shoppers coming together. Plus, in support of the greater Salisbury community, resources are being coordinated with The Salisbury Housing Trust volunteers John Harney, M.C Taylor and Ryan Cooper to pick up donated items, and for sellers to hire helping hands from the HVRHS student job center.

“The Duchy of Belgo has grown in size and spirit beyond our wildest imagination,” said Kate Hinkle.

“If friends are the family you pick for yourself, we couldn’t pick better friends than our Belgonian neighbors,” said Carl Culbreth.

“The Duchy is a unique, caring and supportive community of neighbors who truly look out for each other,” said Carol Sadlon.

“The beauty of our Belgo neighborhood is only matched by the magnificence of our Belgonian neighbors and friends,” said Abby Auerbach.

For more information contact:
Carol Sadlon

Abby Auerbach