A lot of us are spending more time in the kitchen (thanks Coronoa virus) – and some of us, as a result, have put on a few of the old l-b’s, while others have honed in on super foods and foods that make you feel good. (I’ve done both). But I think that we can all agree that chocolate chip cookies make everyone feel good. #truth

I was working from home for over two months this spring and I did a lot of cooking and baking, some of which I’ve shared with you here. I had some fails, learned a lot, and had a number of great outcomes. One of those great outcomes was when I stumbled upon this recipe for inside out cookies from Sally’s Baking Addiction via Pinterest.

First off, I do enjoy a good chocolate-chocolate chip cookie, and I like white chocolate, too. And in order to REALLY like this cookie, I think you kind of have to like both of those ingredients. But fast forward to after I decided to make this and I was examining the ingredients. Two things about making these cookies had me intrigued: the little bit of milk you add to the batter, and then putting the dough in the fridge. But I won’t question it (now) because the results was incredible! I didn’t even screw this one up.

Instead of breaking down the ingredients here and walking you through the process, I’ll leave it to you to read all of that in the link below, but the instructions are more or less your standard chocolate chip cookie instructions. And I followed all of Sally’s instructions to a T… perhaps that’s why I succeeded and the cookies were delicious? Perhaps.

I’ll leave you with this: that first bite was incredible. The cookies were absolutely perfect in every way – sweet, soft, just the right amount of crunchy, chocolate-y and gooey. A bite of chocolate heaven followed by a cold glass of milk – oh it doesn’t get much better than that. But I do declare, that in my opinion, this might be the best chocolate chip cookie recipe – you just have to like that extra bit of chocolate! Enjoy.