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The Big 100

By Published On: August 4th, 2021

I nearly couldn’t wait until Whisker Wednesday to share this with you.

This is my 100th post! Can you believe it?!

I bet you didn’t know a cat could talk about 100 diffurrent subjects. Did you also know it’s my burrthday month! That’s right. Along with my grandmothers, a couple aunts, a few furriends, and my kid sister.

Let the pawty’s begin!

Obviously with all the festivities happening (Ellie’s in purrticular) Mom is running around, making sure the house shows no evidence of furballs, that our toys are purroperly put away, and evfurrything is purrchased fur Ellie’s cake and ice cream party next Tuesday night. It is hard to believe she’ll be three. I wonder what I should get her?

Suggestions anyone?

I’ve opted out of having my own purrthday pawty this year; again. Fun fact, I’ve nevfurr had a purrthday pawty, but don’t feel sorry fur me. I’m an antisocial, indoor kitty. My favurrite people live with me and give me all the love and attention I desire.

Speaking of attention – I’m NOT looking forward to Furriday. I’ll have to go through yet another car ride to the vet. This time to have my teeth cleaned. This means I can’t have breakfast Furriday morning and I’ll be at the vet’s office most of the day.

What the fluff!

Please purray fur me. And thank you all furrom the bottom of my heart fur following me evfurry week!