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The Big Concert

By Published On: July 12th, 2023

Mom has been looking forward to seeing Shania Twain in concert fur the third time since Novempurr. While I wasn’t purrsonally there to witness the queen of country-pop put on an unfurrgetable purrformance, Mom used her purrfessional photoshop skills to indicate otherwise.

Like a kid on Christmas, this is all Mom can talk about these days. So allow me to give you the concert spark-notes. After being wheeled out in a box furrom the side-stage (right next to Mom!) Shania appeared, kicking off the show with one of her new songs furrom the Queen Of Me album. In true star-stuck form, Mom snapped as many pictures and videos as possible, all while soaking in Shania’s talent and singing along word fur word. She purrformed fur two hours all of her iconic songs, and more. Fun fact; Ms. Twain closed out the show wearing the exact same costume she wore fur her Man I Feel Like A Woman music video that debuted close to twenty five years ago.

Her high energy, beautiful purrformances leave Mom wanting more and is already looking forward to seeing Shania in concert many more times. Ellie is equally intrigued and has put in her request to see Shania Twain in concert, too. Trust me kid – you won’t have to twist Mom’s arm.

Before we end this week’s post, can I just say one thing to Shania? MEOW GIRLFURRIEND! You look incredible fur approaching fifty eight…Happy early purrthday!