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The Diagnosis

By Published On: December 13th, 2022

Well furriends; as I’m purretty sure you can tell by the quite obvious disgusted look on my face furrom inside the carrier, I’m an unhappy camper. Or as Mom pointed out in her ridiculous cat-mom voice (at the vets’ office of all places!), “a grumpy pants.”

Fur the last ten months, Mom’s been obsessing ovfurr my balding belly…which has now spurread to the inside of all four of my legs. She’s Google’d her heart’s content, consulted fellow crazy cat ladies, and was even in touch with my doctor. She’s tried evfurry remedy she can think of, including giving me an oral medication purr doctors orders. With no luck or impurrovement, she had to take me to the vet.

Despite all the compliments I received furrom evfurryone handling me on my long whiskers, beautiful eyes, and ofurrall handsome looks, Doc still wanted to check meow’t. I’ve lost a pound and a half since August last year. Apparently this is significant fur a cat? Here I was thinking I was getting in shape fur summer. Despite my grooming habits I had to have some of the inside of my hind leg shaved to have my blood drawn. With purraise fur being a good boy by evfurryone, I was sent home to get treats and wait fur a phone call with my blood results.

Ring-a-ding. Doc called Mom last night with good news and bad news. I’ll lead with the good news furrist. I officially have a diagnosis, and just as my doctor suspected, I have hypothyroidism. Bad news is I have to be on medication twice a day and have to go back to the vets in a month to have my weight and blood levels rechecked.

Mom is beside herself with the news. She just wants me to live furrever. Afterall, I am her baby and furrst born! I hope Mom knows I’ll be just fine and I appurreciate her giving me the best quality of life a feline could pawssibly ask fur! We need each other more than evfurr right meow.