Together with Processional Arts Workshop, The Garrison will host the first-ever Highland Lights, a celebration of art and nature. Highland Lights invites neighbors to create collaborative works during free public workshops and culminates in a spectacular outdoor procession of lights and lanterns through The Garrison paths.

Founded in 1998, Processional Arts Workshop (PAW) is a nonprofit arts ensemble that works with communities to design, build and perform site-specific parades, pageants and immersive theater works as a means for residents to come together, reflect upon and preserve the defining aspects of locality.

In partnership with several local not-for-profits including the Garrison Art Center, Haldane Arts Alliance, Hudson Highlands Land Trust, Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival, and the Hudson Valley Performing Arts Laboratory, the workshops will begin on Saturday, March 26 and run every Saturday and Sunday through April 10. Broken into two daily sessions, the participants will work collaboratively to create lanterns, incorporating techniques for wire-forming, decoupage, and LED lighting.

“Community-based events like this are what I imagined could be possible with the repurposing of the Garrison property in its next chapter,” said Garrison resident Chris Davis, the current owner of the site. “A space for celebrations of art and nature, for community connection, for environmental protection–all in one.” The workshops will culminate with a spectacular outdoor procession of lights and community-built lanterns celebrating this year’s theme: A Reawakened Landscape. The procession will take place at The Garrison on Sunday, April 17, 2022 at 7:30 PM, coupled with live music and refreshments.

“What a wonderful way to welcome the community to this space. We are looking forward to this reimagined future and are grateful for the partnership that has helped to get this project off the ground,” said Chip Allemann, vice president of the Garrison. Jeff Mikkelson, Advocacy Chair of the Cold Spring Chamber of Commerce added, “We’re always looking for ways to connect with other organizations in our community, and we’re particularly excited about this creative collaboration. Seeing the lanterns and processional come together after weekends of workshops should be an amazing spectacle, and a great way to bring people together for a unique shared experience.”

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