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The Hairball Blues

By Published On: December 11th, 2019

Here we go again – My little sister hasn’t been feeling well furr the past few days and your furry friend has been hard at work keeping spirits high at home. Apparently, you humans have a habit of falling ill when the temperatures drop. As an indoor kitty, I can relate. Whenever I take a brief break from my napping and turkey lifestyle to bathe I run the risk of catching every cat’s worst enemy- the dreaded hairball. If I spend a little too much time making sure each strand of my luxurious locks are just so, the culmination of such unmentionable combinations can lead to a gut wrenching few moments. You see, though humans enjoy the benefits of modern medicine, we felines must endure these hairy situations alone, purreferably in a dark corner where mom won’t notice the abomination for a few days. Let’s hope we can all get through the rest of this “hairy flu-season” in good health furr all.