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The Move and More

By Published On: September 13th, 2022

Purrdon me while I catch my breath – it’s been a supurr busy week! Aside furrom Ellie completing her furrst week of purr-k (which went paw-mazing!) Mom said the Main Street Magazine headquarters is officially all moved into their new space. They moved furrom 52 Main Street in Millerton down the street to 135 Route 44. Just a heads up, they are now on the drive-thru side of the old Key Bank building. When you drive-thru to grab a copy of the magazine, don’t furrget to ask fur a side of pawty-mix. Just kitten – paw slpper!

Mom said she’s happy the move is ovfurr and is looking forward to settling into the new space. All that’s left is to hang pictures (of me!) and find a new desk and paw-ssibly a new chair. Mom isn’t a knickknack type of purrson, but I think I would make the purrfect papurr-weight if she evefurr needed the help.

Speaking of moving. The seasons are starting to change, which has an effect on my daily catnapping locations. While I wait fur my winter coat to grow in, the little extra chill in the air in the mornings makes me all squirrelly. I purrefer snuggling amongst the blanket of Mom and Dad’s unmade bed in the exact spot Mom just woke furrom. Mamma isn’t raising no fool.

What’s moving and shaking in your world?