Tomorrow is Thanksgiving!!

Must. Have. Wine. My advice? Gobble up Riesling and Pinot Noir.

Riesling has been called the perfect Thanksgiving wine because it goes so well with so many different flavors, and all of our feasts

include lots of those! A nice, dry Riesling is best, but one with a bit of residual sugar is nice, too.

For red, a Pinot Noir is the best choice for the same reason. It won’t overpower the subtle flavors from whatever starters you serve to the last drop of gravy on the mashed potatoes. And there are so many delicious New York State choices – please support and give thanks for local.

However and wherever you get to the table on Thanksgiving, find reasons to be grateful. If you’re having a lovely glass of wine, that’s a really good one.

Check out for virtual presentations on other selections.

Happy Thanksgiving!!