I love choosing wines. But I also love going to events where the wines are pre-selected, and the choices aren’t huge. It forces you to pay attention to what’s really in the bottle. I found myself at such an event last night, and I couldn’t resist trying an Argentinian red wine with a delightful label that announced itself as The Phoenician.
It was a lovely wine, full of dark berry notes and smooth as silk. I wasn’t surprised to learn it was 80% Malbec, a grape grown extensively in Argentina. When I looked it up to learn more, I found that The Phoenician is one of several wines being made by Karim Missa in Argentina. The winemaker’s bio tells you more about the enjoyment factor inherent in the wine. Here it is: “Karim is a winemaker and entrepreneur by vocation and training. He has presided over Altocedro since 1999 and Alandes since 2012…[Karim] is more than happy to discuss world politics, current events, 17th Century British philosophy, seventies rock (The Doors and Led Zeppelin are favorites) and the genius of Ayn Rand. During harvest, you can find him at El Cielo in La Consulta enjoying their lomito especial and a Stella.
As everyone knows, it takes a lot of beer to make a good wine.” Very True!! I love this guy. And I love The Phoenician. You will, too.