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The Purrrrfect Birthday Gift

By Published On: November 13th, 2019

This may be a little known fact to most, but today is my Mom’s purrrrthday. And although she is struggling with the idea of turning 30, I would like to remind her that, in cat years, I’m trudging through my mid-50s. Lest she forget in her old age, ten years ago, I was the best birthday present she has ever received. Over the last decade, I’ve endured her smothering me with kisses, her DEAFENING cat-mom voice, and more than my personal preference of trips to the vet. To be honest, through it all, I’ve loved every minute of being her little Bambino (that stays between us). I’m looking forward to many more years of those little things I actually appurreciate; like sponge-baths, a well-stocked fridge full of turkey, and being tucked in whenever my fur gets a little chilly. So happy birthday Mom, and though the question is insufferable, yes, I love you too.