THE VILLAGE CIDIOT, a comedic solo show about a city dweller trying to adapt to rural living, presented by The Stissing Center and Oblong Books on will take center stage Sunday, March 27, at 3PM as part of the Local Produce Reader’s Series.

THE VILLAGE CIDIOT is touted as the ultimate fish-out-of-water story. After losing her job and her youngest brother to cancer, a New York City woman moves from Manhattan to the Hudson Valley and finds that all the things she had worked so hard to acquire – from her professional reputation to her urban identity – are useless. Creating meaning in a life she never planned for is the basis for this hilarious and heartwarming story.

THE VILLAGE CIDIOT is written and performed by Lauren Letellier, Hillsdale Co-Town Historian (with husband Chris Atkins), whose blog “Historians of Hillsdale” has become a popular read for longtime Hillsdale residents and newcomers alike.

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Tickets are $5 and available at