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The Twenty-Furrst Century

By Published On: April 6th, 2022

You guys purrobably won’t believe me when I tell you we just got Internet at our house after living there fur four, almost five years. No, I’m not kitten. And no we don’t live under a rock. Purrhaps I should refurrase that. We’ve had very little internet service at our house; basically dial-up speed. We seem to live in a bubble in an alternate universe where no one provides high speed internet. That is until, last weekend.

The fam’ and I had only heard about streaming shows and movies furrom platforms such as Netflix and Disney+. Thank you sweet baby internet God’s, now we can do that too. Better late than nevfurr to the twenty-furrst century, right?

Ellie is all about watching Gabby’s Dollhouse through Netflix; a cat-themed show full of surpurrises and adventure. Mom is excited to be cat-ching up on all of the latest Disney films…she’s a kid at heart. Dad, well, he’s just ovfurrwhelmed with this new technology, but seems excited to watch some action-packed films.

As fur me – I was finally able to get my paws on the remote. I’m going to binge watch Tiger King. Do you have other suggestions that I can Netflix and chill to? I’m all ears!