Attention is turned rightfully at this time to race relations.

It’s sad but true that another culture that sorely under represents the African American community is that of wine and wine making.

So this week I implore you all to search out and support this thin but vibrant slice of the industry. You’ll discover some amazing stories, and some wonderful wines.

I discovered Brown Estate in Napa and learned that this family business has been going strong since 1996. They’ll be celebrating their 25th vintage in 2021. Zinfandel is their grape of distinction, and who doesn’t love a juicy Zin? In looking at their online store, though, what really jumped out at me is their Magnum of 2015 Chaos Theory red blend. That sounds like something we could all use.

Check them out at And watch Uncorked on Netflix, about an African American who studies to be a sommelier.

Stay safe, well, and sane.