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This Week Hits Different

By Published On: July 14th, 2021

Oh hey furriends! Happy Whisker Wednesday to one and all! 

I’m feeling a little diffurrent this week. My “licky thing” is flaring back up and as a result, Mom has purrchased new medication furrom the vets. The only purrk to come from this development is that I didn’t have to go there myself. Although appurrently my dental cleaning is scheduled fur August 6.

Totally dreading that!

Thank heavens this particular medication isn’t administered via Mom practically sitting on me, whilst shoving a syringe down my throat.

This time around, she’s been able to somehow disguise my nightly dose in my wet food. After about an hour, I’m purretty lethargic. Even Dad gets worried about me. But eventually I snap out of it and I’m back to my old self. 

Before I let you go, I wanted to give a shout out to a local fan (of which I have many).

Hi Helen furrom The Moviehouse in Millerton!

I’m so excited she brought to Aunt Thorunn and Mom’s attention the Cat Video Fest that’ll be happening next Furriday, Caturday, and Sunday. If I weren’t such an indoor kitty, I’d totally be attending this pawsome event!

Fur all my furriends who are interested in attending and learning more, visit

I’ll also be sure to give you more deets on this special treat in next week’s post. 

Stay tuned fur more!