As I thought about a wine to share for this week, it came to me in a flash: the wines of Inspire Moore Winery in the Finger Lakes.
The winery was started in 2007 by Tim and Diane Moore who, from the beginning, wanted their wines to not only taste great, but to truly inspire. Their collection includes Inspire Moore Joy, Inspire Moore Love, Inspire Moore Grace, Inspire Moore Wisdom, Inspire Moore Truth – even Inspire Moore Lust.
I had the honor and pleasure of getting to know the Moores when we participated in the Bethel Woods Wine Festival every year in early October (another event that was cancelled this year). The vibe was there, and way before the deliciousness of the wines inspired you, they inspired you. Tim passed away from cancer last summer; his son Nathaniel is now the winemaker continuing the tradition.
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Order some wines. Be Inspired. Vote.