Tis the season of Rudolph, and what a great little reindeer he is. Sweet and innocent. Cute. Who doesn’t like Rudolph?

But today I want to talk about Donner. Donner is Rudolph’s dad – and his coach, and the lead reindeer of Santa’s sleigh. He’s focused and formidable. Well, I found a wine that’s deserving of Donner.

It’s called St. Hubert’s The Stag Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon, and it’s a doozy. The wine is a deep purple color with a “hot” nose of dark cherry and mocha. On the palate it’s succulent and juicy and downright delicious from start to finish, with the red berry fruit lingering in a mouthful of velvety smoothness, a lush mouthfeel, and a finish of spice and cedar.

Pour yourself a large glass and indulge in it.

Here’s to Donner.