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Toe Beans

By Published On: June 16th, 2021

I’ve been bunking in Ellie’s room recently – on the floor of course. Mom comes tip-toeing in at ungodly hours to check on her, but also to give me goodnight kisses as well.

So there I was, purropped up against Ellie’s dresser, comfortably laying on my back. The next thing I know Mom is on the floor, hovering ovfurr me like the crazy cat lady she is with the baby monitor (odd choice of soft lighting), taking pictures of my toe beans.

What the fluff Ma?

She’s mentioned I should purrrsue moewdeling, but toe beans, really? Fur starters, my left foot has a furreckle on it and I have major toe fluff.

Do people really want to see this?

As quickly as she came, Mom left. What is she going to do with these photos? Obviously I felt compelled to investigate. Come to find out I was ovfurr thinking again.

Mom was too busy texting my Aunt Thorunn the “ridiculously cute” picture of my toe beans which led to a barrage of non-stop cat gifs back and forth.

What’s a gif anyway? Can I have one?