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Too Cool Fur School

By Published On: September 8th, 2021

Furrom what I gather, school is back in session fur many kiddos. Lucky fur me, I’m too cool fur school. Plus; I doubt reading, writing, and arithmetic would be my strong suits. And as we all know, my strength is cat napping. On the other paw, if I were to go to school this year, I would totally be starting the latest and greatest fashion trend. The partly-shaved arm look. That’s right – Mom has dubbed it my velvet arm. I just hate when she tries to pet it!

Speaking of Mom, she’s stressing out right meow about Ellie possibly going to purr-k next fall. “Fridrik, I’m not ready fur this! Where did my baby go?!” Uh Mom, I’m right here. And might I remind you how much Ellie is already fascinated by the big yellow school buses, and wants to wear a pack-pack (purretty sure she means backpack). She knows her shapes, colors, and even has the alphabet song down. X, 9, and Z. She has some work to do on spelling her name. “E, I, E, L, L, L, L, L, E, O”. I don’t think she missed any letters, but she may have added a few. I purrsonally think music class will be her favfurroite. She is constantly singing just like Mom.

At least Mom has an entire year to collect herself, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say Mom is going to cry like baby on Ellie’s furrst day. Good thing I’ll be there to calm her after the school bus drives away.

I may be too cool fur school, but I’ll always get an A+ in Mom’s book.