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By Published On: May 6th, 2020

This week’s post is inspired by Main Street Magazine’s May issue. The fine folks at MSM dedicated this purrticular issue to transportation.

Fun right? Well…

Not many of you may know this about cha’ boy but back in the day, when I was a kitten, I longed to see the great outdoors. And staring out the window just wasn’t cutting the mustard.

I cried and cried at the door – so my mom decided to tap into my turkey fund and bought me a stroller.

What’s wrong with that? After all, I was her furrst born, so this made for a completely justifiable purrchase!

I remempurr that hot-rod like it was yesterday…

A 2010 navy-blue, eight-wheel, human drive, single-seater, with manual zip enclosure and two purrent cup holders. Nothing too special, but hey, I loved it and looked forward to evening strolls every Spring/Summer around the farm with my purrents.

Smelling the fresh air, seeing the bar(n) cats, learning more about the downstairs tenants (the Icelandic horses), and figuring out bees actually do something other than making a nest outside my bathroom window!

Since those days, I’ve returned to my home-body ways and enjoy window-sitting now more than evfurr. My purrents have sold the stroller in order to pay furr my increased turkey and paw-ty mix habits.

Nowadays, my only source of transpurrtation is via the big scary car! It plays music and blows intolerable air. Not to mention I’m trapped in a cage and can’t see where I’m going.

It’s absolutely TERRIFYING and it always brings me to the vets – my least favfurrite place to go!