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Trick-or-Treating All Year Long

By Published On: November 4th, 2020

Halloween was this past Caturday and much to the surrprise of everyone in the family, Ellie wasn’t into it this year.

I believe she was supposed to be a rainbow unicorn? In that case I don’t blame her; it wouldn’t have been my furrst choice either, but then again I don’t like dressing up. And besides, she’s too little fur candy.

My parents can be a little silly sometimes. Wasn’t my Mother just recently worried about the family’s dental hygiene?


Luckily fur me — being the scaredy cat that I am — I get to trick-or-treat all year long without ever leaving the comfort of my own home. I meow when I want paw-ty mix, and purrance around the fridge when I want turkey.

It’s worked fur me so far sans any rainbow unicorn costumes, so why would I stop now?