What a weird summer so far! The perfect wine for Summer 2023 is Sabba Vineyard’s CabFranc, Twisted Love. I mean, the weather has been totally twisted – one day roasting the next pouring. Twisted Love wine, however, goes with whatever direction you’re flowing, and does it with panache and a full palate. Sabba Vineyard is in Old Chatham, NY, and is open Friday thru Sunday. There’s live music every weekend, food options, friendly folks, and a lovely setting. Oh, and the wines! Back to the Twisted Love. Sabba describes it this way: “Twisted Love Cabernet Franc has a fresh floral flavor with beautiful aromas of black current and ripe red berries. The wine is medium bodied and has a smooth texture. We use biodynamic and biological methods and hand pick all our grapes to produce the best quality wines.” sabbavineyard.com