The playwright Euripides, who died in 406 BC, is quoted as saying, “Where there is no wine, there is no love.” With Valentine’s Day kicking off a long weekend this year – at a time when it seems we need love more than ever – it’s good to know there are wines that pair perfectly with all kinds of feelings about love. In choosing Valen-wines, think first about how you would describe your beloved. Here are just a few examples.

Deep – how about a big California Cabernet?

Complex – an older Bordeaux is the complement to this characteristic

Hot – think “sunshine in a bottle,” and go with a Southern Hemisphere red – something from Italy, Chile, South Africa or Spain

Fruity and Fun – find a Riesling with a hint of sweet, or a Vidal Blanc

Bright – a crisp, dry white fits the bill – a Sauvignon Blanc, for example

Reserved – this calls to mind a wine that needs time to open up, like a French red from the 1990s or earlier

Dependable and Honest – go for a local wine here as these traits can’t be beat – and neither can supporting your winemaking neighbors

And of course, Effervescent – bubbly and more bubbly!

The staff at your local wine store will be happy to help you find bottles that pair with the ways you think of your loved ones, whether the occasion is romance, revelry, or rest.